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Yixuan Shao ︎

As an immigrant, a zero-generation Chinese American, a woman of color, an artist, I am constantly battling between telling a deeply personal story that requires layers and layers of self-exploitative examination and explanation, and completely removing myself so that my point of view can be understood by a “wider” (i.e. whiter) audience. These internal debates have no where to go but clashing aimless in my own head. The texts are both self-reflections and confrontations of my own privilege as well as complicity in perpetuating anti-blackness and colourism in the art and social sectors, and “non-cathartic states of emotion with a remarkable capacity for duration.”(Cathy Park Hong, Minor Feelings). I manipulate light from a distance and projecting texts I collected from private conversations and journals. 

This is an ongoing work that takes place daily after sunset to 2am.