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I listen to the gaps in histories —— listening, not only as a physiological function but also as a subjective internal experience. As an Asian-born American, my routine of grappling with disappearances of both personal and collective histories is not only a political statement, but also a survival tactic. While listening outward is to hear the void around me, listening inward is to reimagine what those gaps could have been, much like coping with loss without any chance of recovery. Together, it is a process of salvaging historical eradication inflicted by internal and external forces.

In my installation works, I spatialize recorded sound to externalize my interiority and to gauge the physical space. I use image, video, performance, and writing to further transform the space into a heterotopic site. These works are open-ended, inviting the viewers to take parts with their own subjectivities. Audio as a material, its substance, vibrational property, and auditory procedure, are emblematic information to process other tangible materials, such as aluminum, paper, and found objects. My sound sculptures are inner sounds materialized in visual forms. Stretched out and slowed down in time and space, these objects speak their alter-egos in noise and silence —— two contradicting yet connected margins in soundmaking.


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